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Step 1) Browse Courses to find the specific course and location that you would like to register for.

You will find the Courses arranged by Location (blue bar) and then by date. To view more information about the course and to register, select either the Course Name, or the "Read More..." link. You can also view courses by calendar date, by selecting the Calendar View option from the top bar.

Step 1

Step 2) Select Course to View Information and Register.

Once you have selected a course from the listing you will be taken to the Course information page, which has more details about the specific course. The information you will see is the date, time, location, link to a map of the location, and the event details. When it is time to register, you will see the Quantity Selection option as well as a Register button near the bottom of the page. If  you are only registering one person for the course, you will only select one. If you are registering multiple people, then you will need to select the number of people you are registering for the course. Once you have selected the correct number of registrants, click the "Register" button.

Step 2


Real Estate Education with an "Attitude"

The Real Estate Institute was created in 2000 with its primary objective to provide a quality Continuing Education experience that would be educational, informative and entertaining. We recognize that every Real Estate licensee must complete periodic CE classes to keep their license current. Our goal is not only to help the licensee meet these requirements but in the process to provide them the latest and most up-to-date information about the Real Estate industry...all with a simple but powerful message…”increase your productivity and your income while better serving your client and your profession!”