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License Law (2 hr. Required)

License Law keeps you abreast of important changes in Real Estate practices and laws whether statutory or regulatory. Recent commission rulings based upon hearings of the Mississippi Real Estate Commission will be utilized to spotlight specific issues in the licensing, regulation and supervision of resident or non-resident Real Estate brokers and sales persons. The Law course will include practical applications of the License Law as well as some Standards of Practice in the REALTORS® Code of Ethics that correlate with License Law.


Contracts - "Multiple Offer Madness" (2 hr. Required)

This course is designed to explore the most efficient ways for the Real Estate practitioner to approach the bittersweet problems  surrounding multiple offers on the same property.  Any transaction involving 4 or more client/agent relationships is bound to be sprinkled with challenges for all involved.  Learn how to best represent your client, protect their interest and improve the probability of a successful end for your client.



Agency (4 hr. Required)

This course identifies the various agency relationships associated with the Real Estate profession. Additionally, it offers practical recommendations to assist you with a common sense approach for the establishment and disclosure of “agency” relationships in a Real Estate transaction. Time permitting - the course includes a final round-table discussion of the course material including attendee suggestions and recommendations.




The REALTOR and the iPad, (4 hr. Elective)


This module will be limited to the Apple iPad and its potential usage and Applications for the Real Estate Licensee.  We will cover the basic use of the iPad along with other practical uses including: additional Apps and Applications, Keynote Presentations, Document management, retention and archives, the Mississippi Real Estate Commission compliance with Documentation, MLS uses and limitations, etc.  While preferred, it is not necessary to own an iPad to attend the session.  Some attendees use the session to help determine whether and iPad is worth the investment for them or whether a PC based tablet might be a better alternative for them.  The course will also include a round-table discussion of Apps that other licensees have "discovered" and are currently using


Procuring Cause (2 hr. Elective)

Procuring Cause...or "who exactly is responsible for the sale?"  More Specifically, "...who deserves the commission?"  Real Estate is a unique business/industry that in a majority of transactions most practitioners have access to the properties available AND have the ability to sell those properties to the SAME, limited group of potential buyers.

In this two hour elective, we will discuss Procuring Cause but moreover how the practitioner can establish and protect their commissions.  We will offer tips as to how the agent can minimize conflicts with other agents over their commissions.




REALTOR® Safety (4 hr. Elective)

“Don’t lose it: your jewelry, your car, your dignity or your life!” Last year in Mississippi, there were over 10,000 victims of some kind of personal assault. This vital course provides you with practical instruction that helps minimize your chances of becoming a statistic. Modeled after the Personal Safety Guide from the Washington State Real Estate Safety Council, Washington State Department of Licensing, The National Association of REALTORS®, REALTOR® Magazine Online and Realty Times, this is the most anticipated and well-received course offered by The Real Estate Institute.



Presentations that Pop (2 hr. Elective)


With the proliferation of mobile devices, smart phones, iPads, tablets and extremely portable laptops, the practitioner has a host of tools available to them to assist them in marketing and communication with potential Clients.  This 2 hour elective module is designed to offer suggestions to the practitioner as to how they might take advantage of these digital devices.

The average age of the Real Estate Client/Customer is 35 and the practitioner, 55.  Every effort must be made to close that "technology gap!"



Biennial Ethics, Due December 2018 (4 hr. Elective)

This module was developed to meet the NAR Ethics Compliance due December 31, 2018.  This Biennial Course is the replacement for the Quad Ethics that was required by NAR to maintain your REALTOR® status.  Completion of this moduel will satisfy your NAR compliance requirement AND earn 4 hours of elective CE towards the renewal of your Mississippi Real Estate License.   Documentation of the completion of this module will be sent to the MREC and your local Association of REALTORS®.




BPO Compliance (2 hr. Law & 2 hr. Elective)

clockThis module will discuss  the newly enacted MS HB 990 that took effect July 1, 2011.  This statute allows the Real Estate Practitioner to provide Broker Price Opinions for a fee.  The statute and the guidelines are quite precise and any licensee planning on offering this as a service are encouraged to attend.  The statute requires Broker liability and responsibility for any BPO's produced by licensees in their firm.....As such, every Managing Broker of Record should make every effort to attend the BPO Compliance course to establish their specific company policies and guidelines. This module is also MREC approved for 2 hrs. of law plus 2 hrs. of electives OR 4 hours of electives depending on the licensee needs at the time of reporting.

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The Real Estate Institute was created in 2000 with its primary objective to provide a quality Continuing Education experience that would be educational, informative and entertaining. We recognize that every Real Estate licensee must complete periodic CE classes to keep their license current. Our goal is not only to help the licensee meet these requirements but in the process to provide them the latest and most up-to-date information about the Real Estate industry...all with a simple but powerful message…”increase your productivity and your income while better serving your client and your profession!”