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Online Courses Available

2016 TREI Sponsors Extend Support

I want to thank our corporate Sponsors, BankPlus, Trustmark Bank &Radian for providing continued tmarkclearresources for 2016 that will allow The Real Estate Institute to offer economical Continuing Education in markets throughout Mississippi.  Largely due to their support, we are able to offer over 40 + days of Real Estate Continuing Education throughout Mississippi...a large number of these days in your own backyard.

Our objective has always been to provide CE to Mississippi licensees at little or no cost.  We also recoginze that in addition to the tuition associated with bankplus_green_logo_no backgroundCE, licensees encounter additional expenses for travel and accommodations.  In order to reach out to those Real Estate Communities.

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Our 2016 Continuing Education offerings and schedule will be available on our wesite by the middle of January.  In addition to our regular residential CE modules, we will be offering at lease 8 hours of CE especially designed for the Commercial Real Estate practitioner.  We will also pleased to announce that a select number of "guest" instructors throughout the year.

Be on the lookout for an email in the near future alerting you to our upcoming schedule.

Ethics Deadline is December 31

The Code of Ethics, Cycle IV, now being referred to as "Ethics" is being offered by The Real Estate Institute as a 4-hour elective on day two of our usual two-day CE offerings for 2016.  The morning 4-hour elecive will be the Ethics module and will be offered in most classes offered until December 31.  This module will earn 4 hours of MREC approved "elective" CE as well as satisfy the NAR Ethics compliance due by the end of the year.

This is a NEW 4 hour MREC approved Ethics course with different approval codes from the ones we have offered in the past.  So if you took Ethics from The Real Estate Institute prior to 2014, that would be a totally different Ethics Course.  Again, this course will earn the attendee 4 hours of elective CE PLUS satisfy the NAR Ethics Compliance due by December 2016!

2016 CE Schedule Available

As in past years, The Real Estate Instiitute is offering all 16 hours necessary to renew your license.  That would include the MREC "required" 2 hours of License Law, 2 hours of Contracts and the 4 hours of Agency.  In addition, TREI will be offering 8 hours of "electives" including 4 hours of REALTOR Safety and 4 hours of Ethics.

The 4 hours of Ethics will also satisfy the NAR mandated Quad Ethics that needs to be completed by December 31, 2016.  

Sign in and walk-in registration begins at 8 AM.  The "required" Law and Contracts will be offered in the AM with Agency being offered in the afternoon.  On our "elective" day, Ethics is offered in the AM with REALTOR Safety being offered in the afternoon.


CE Credit Reporting Procedures

j0444333We have had numerous inquiries from Attendees concerning their CE credits being properly reported to the MREC.  Statute requires that we report hours within 30 days of the class.  However, we usually report hours within a few days after the class, weekends and holidays notwithstanding.

Once we report hours to MREC, we have no control over the process.  If there have been a large number of classes reported by TREI as well as other instructors, the process can become delayed.  Another common problem that we encounter is with licensees who are non-compliant with inactive licenses.

CE credits are applied to the oldest licensing period where the licensee is non-compliant.  It is applied as the renewal date NOT as the date the CE was taken.  This is sometimes confusing.  If you are trying to become current with your past CE to activiate an inactive license, you need to check carefully as to how your hours have been applied before you contact us about non-reported hours!

Please note The Real Estate Institute is not responsible for reporting hours to other states.  Moreover, other states will NOT ACCEPT hours directly from TREI.  They will only accept a transcript from Mississippi once your hours are posted to your file at the MREC.

It is the responsibility of the licensee to send their transcript to states where they may hold a valid Real Estate License.  Again, we do not send any documentation to any State other than Mississippi.


Upcoming Courses

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Real Estate Education with an "Attitude"

The Real Estate Institute was created in 2000 with its primary objective to provide a quality Continuing Education experience that would be educational, informative and entertaining. We recognize that every Real Estate licensee must complete periodic CE classes to keep their license current. Our goal is not only to help the licensee meet these requirements but in the process to provide them the latest and most up-to-date information about the Real Estate industry...all with a simple but powerful message…”increase your productivity and your income while better serving your client and your profession!”